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Fig. 4.

Different activities of luciferase reporter gene with upstream region of the bIFNT1, bIFNTc1 and bIFNTc2 and bIFNTc3 in human choriocarcinoma JEG3 cells. Luciferase reporter plasmids (-1000-Luc) containing the upstream region (-1000 to +51) of the wild type bIFNT1 and bIFNT c1 and bIFNTc2 and bIFNTc3 genes were transfected into human choriocarcinoma (JEG3) cell. Data were expressed as relative luciferase activity to that of the bIFNT1-reporter and related type bIFNT c1 and bIFNTc2 and bIFNTc3-reporter constructs without any expression plasmid. Luciferase activities are expressed relative to that of the control (pGL3-Control vecter) and the data are shown as means±SEM with four independent replications.

Journal of Embryo Transfer 2016;31:335~347
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