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Fig. 1.

Semi-quantitative RT-PCR showing the presence of transcription factor mRNAs in the ovine conceptuses and western blots showing proteins produced from expression vectors. (A) Relative amounts of IFNT, CDX2 and EOMES mRNAs in on day 15, 17, and 21 ovine conceptuses. RNAs extracted from frozen bovine conceptuses were analyzed for the presence of these transcripts using RT-PCR. (B) The efficacy of all pSG5-based CDX2 and EOMES expression vectors was examined via transient transfection into JEG3 cells, from which nuclear proteins (cell lysates) were isolated and subjected to western blot analysis with three independent replications. ACTB was used as the internal control.

Journal of Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology 2019;34:292~299
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