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Fig. 2.

Changes in the degree of ovine IFNT-reporter transactivation by EOMES and CDX2. Relationships of upstream of respective genes on the pSG-CDX2, and/or coactivator pSG-EOMES were tested by the expression level of luciferase. Luciferase-reporter plasmids (-654-oIFNT-Luc) containing the upstream region (positions -654 bp to +51 bp) were cotransfected into JEG3 cell with combination of pSG-CDX2, and/or pSG-EOMES. Luciferase activities are expressed as fold increase relative to those of control (-654-oIFNT-Luc construct) and the data are show as means ± SEM (n = 4 each). *p < 0.05, when compared to the luciferase activity of Mock (transfrection control plasmid without a transcription factor cDNA).

Journal of Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology 2019;34:292~299
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