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Fig. 3.

Transativation assay of enhancer/promoter region of ovine IFNT-reporter gene. Relationships of upstream of respective genes on the CDX2, ETS2, AP1 and/or co-activator EOMES were tested by the expression level of luciferase. Luciferase-reporter plasmids (-654-oIFNT-Luc) containing the upstream region (-654 to +51) were cotransfected into JEG3 cell with combination of CDX2, ETS2, AP1 and/or EOMES. Values represent means ± standard error of the mean from three independent experiments, with replicates within an experiment. *p < 0.05, when compared to the luciferase activity of Mock. #, Statistically significant difference in luciferase activity (p < 0.05) in the presence of Eomes expression plasmid.

Journal of Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology 2019;34:292~299
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