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Fig. 4.

Examination of the effect of transcription factor binding sites on IFNT gene transcription. The transcription factor binding site-mutated -654-oIFNT-Luc construct cotransfected with AP1, ETS2 and CDX2 had reduced luciferase activities. In addition, cotransfection of EOMES expression plasmid along with AP1, ETS2 and CDX2 did not change the degree of luciferase activity, which had already been reduced due to mutated-transcription factor binding sites. Values represent means ± standard error of the mean from three independent experiments, with replicates within an experiment. *p < 0.05, when compared to the luciferase activity of Mock. #, Statistically significant difference in luciferase activity (p < 0.05) in the presence of Eomes expression plasmid.

Journal of Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology 2019;34:292~299
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