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Journal of Embryo Transfer 2007; 22(3): 179-184

Published online September 29, 2007

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돼지 태아 섬유아 세포의 효과적인 배양

김혜민, 이상미, 박효영, 문승주, 강만종

전남대학교 농업생명과학대학


Culture method of somatic cells is one of the important factors in the production of transgenic pigs by somatic cell nuclear transfer. In this study, we established an efficient culture method of porcine fetal fibroblasts. Porcine fetal fibroblasts were isolated from 33-day-old fetuses. The proliferation of porcine fetal fibroblasts was analyzed by different serum types and culture media. The cultures in medium supplied 15% ES screened FBS showed faster increase in cell number than 15% FBS. Also, fetal fibroblasts have been propagated continuously for $7{sim}8$ passages in ES modified DMEM and DMEM medium. We transfected $PGK-neo^r$ vector (pKJ2) into porcine fetal fibroblasts to estimate colony formation in this culture condition. The formation of colonies was confirmed in the medium containing $300;{mu}g/ml$ G418 at 12 day. These data show that this culture system can be used screening of porcine somatic cells transfected transgene.

Keywords: cell culture, porcine, transfection, fetal fibroblast