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Journal of Embryo Transfer 2009; 24(1): 57-64

Published online March 31, 2009

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난소낭종 시 변화되는 세포사멸 관련 유전자

탁현민, 김규태, 김은진, 문윤자, 최창용, 손동수, 한재희, 강다원

경상대학교 의학전문대학원 생리학교실


This study was carried out to investigate expression of apoptosis-related differentially expressed gene (DEG) in ovaries of Korean cattle with follicular and luteal cysts and to identify the relationship between cyst and apoptosis using microarray, real-time PCR, TUNEL staining, and Western blot analysis. Microarray data showed that PIK3R2 and AKT1 were significantly up-regulated in follicular cyst, and TNF-RAF2, PRLR, FOXL2, STK4, and COL4A3 were up-regulated whereas INHA, CIDEB, BCL10, and FASLG were down-regulated in luteal cyst. Real-time PCR was performed to validate DEGs altered in luteal cyst. Of nine DEGs, four DEGs down-regulated in luteal cyst showed a positive corelation between microarray data and real-time PCR data. In this study, we focused on INHA, among many DEGs, which was highly down-regulated in both follicular and luteal cysts. Real-time PCR and micro array data showed that INHA was down-regulated by 12.3-fold and by 1.4-fold, respectively, in the bovine follicular cyst. TUNEL assay and Western blot analysis for ERK, JNK, p38, PI3K, and Akt, which were used to detect whether apoptosis is occurred, showed no significant changes in cystic ovaries (p>0.05). In the expression and activity of caspase-3, Bax, Bel-2, and Bel-xL, there was no significant changes between follicular cystic ovary and normal ovary. Rather, the expression levels of PI3K and p-Akt were decreased in follicular cystic ovary. These results suggest that deficiency of apoptosis in cystic ovary is associated with decreased expression of apoptotic effectors.

Keywords: Korean cattle, microarray, follicular cyst, luteal cyst, apoptosis