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Journal of Embryo Transfer 2010; 25(2): 117-125

Published online June 30, 2010

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Gene Expression of the In Vitro Fertilized or Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Embryos Cultured in Medium Supplemented with Different Proteins or Energy Substrates

Jang, Goo, Ko, Kyeong-Hee, Jeon, Hyun-Yong, Lee, Byeong-Chun

Department of Theriogenology & Biotechnology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742, Korea


Several cloned animals have been produced using somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) and have interested in producing the transgenic cloned animals to date. But still its efficiency was low due to a number of reasons, such as sub-optimal culture condition, aberrant gene expression and nuclear reprogramming. The purpose of this study was to analyze gene expression pattern in in vitro fertilized (IVF) or SCNT pre-implantation embryos. IVF- or SCNT-embryos were cultured in media supplemented with different proteins (FBS and BSA) or energy sources (glucose or fructose). Blastocysts from IVF or SCNT were analyzed using semi-quantitative RT-PCR in terms of developmentor metabolic-related genes. Culture medium supplemented different proteins or energy sources had affected on the expression of developmental or metabolic genes in the SCNT blastocysts.

Keywords: bovine embryos, SCNT, IVF, gene expression, culture condition